The Siemens SMART CCD Single Crystal Diffractometer

The Siemens SMART Single Crystal Diffractometer utilizes CCD technology in it's fast area detector to dramatically improve the speed of single crystal data collection and structure solution:

test crystal data set in 1 hour
routine structures in 1 to 6 hours
high resolution data set for electron density studies
small crystals down to 10 microns
large unit cell up to 100A
superb absorption correction for heavy atom containing compounds
easy to handle twin and superlattice studies and variable temperature work
air air and moisture sensitive compounds
screening of crystals
in a few seconds
unit cell dimensions
in a few minutes
complete structure
in a few hours

SMART ~ Siemens Molecular Analytical Research Tool was selected by more than 75 scientific experts in a variety of disciplines for the 1994 R & D 100 Award.

SMART's new leap forward in technology is as the first commercial single crystal diffractometer system to incorporate a two dimensional CCD detector.

Scientists see SMART as opening new areas in their research by allowing them to collect data on crystals which were too small or weakly diffracting for other systems. Dr L. F. Dahl, the R.E. Rudle and Hilldale Professor of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin, is so enthused by SMART that he stated: "I would predict that within two years at least one half of the X ray diffractometer systems being purchased will be CCD area detectors."

An Experience with the SMART System