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The Madman

I am now no longer a Masters student, but have instead moved on - or further into the depths of the eternal study :) - and am now doing my PhD. In August 2004 I wrapped up my Masters work in the Jan Boeyens Structural Chemistry Group, School of Chemistry at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. I have now moved on not only to a new degree, but also to a new university and a new country. For the next 3 years I am based in Cambridge! Nanoscience and nanotechnology are my particular fields of interest, although any project that causes a slight mind bend I enjoy.

For my PhD I am working on some novel metal oxide nanoparticles and carrying out structural studies using powder X-ray diffraction and ultra high resolution transmission electron microscopy. The work is done under the supervision of Dr. David Jefferson in the Chemistry Department at the University of Cambridge.

With that research well underway I am still unable to really say what is going on as that part has not yet come to light. Each set of results I am generating seems more confusing than the one before it. Keep an eye on the Pictures link. There will be some TEM images going up there soon.

The research project I completed for my Masters went by the title "Hydrothermal synthesis and characterisation of titania nanoparticles" and was supervised by Prof. Demi Levendis (Chemistry) and Dr Malik Maaza (formerly of Wits Physics). It stems from work I started in 2001 with Dr Maaza while doing my 3rd year Physics project (Phonon Confinement in Quantum Dots of Titania). As a result of that project I was fortunate to visit EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne, Switzerland) to learn more about the solar cells. As exciting as my research is, it is not the sum total of my interests (who would have thought).

Whizz-Bang show

I used to be the leader of the Wits Chemistry Whizz-bang team. The aim of the team was to occasionally put on shows of a spectacular nature to demonstrate various chemical principles while having as much fun as possible. Experiments include liquid nitrogen demonstrations, fireworks, colour changing reactions, polymerisation, spontaneous reactions, thermodynamic principles and explosions. Most of which safety regulations do not allow in the UK :(

We offer shows to schools, university students and any other interested organisation. If you are interested please contact me and I will give more details.

Me, me, me.... me too

Other interests include computer gaming, reading, sketching and painting - although the only thing I am able to sketch so that they look approximately real are birds.


PJF Shareware and Freeware Programs

First the name: PJF Programs. Not very creative, but pretty distinctive. It comes from my initials: Paul John Franklyn. I have always enjoyed the challenge of programming a solution, but in my second year of study I had the need to keep my brain turning over at full potential all the time. So I started writing applets for friends and collegues and thought it a good idea to leave a common name on all the software.

I have also worked on several games (not real games, just small things to see if I could get the interface and code working and make an AI that would provide an opponent). Uno, Ludo, Mastermind, Monopoly, Dot-Game, Robomok (from the old Vic game Amok) and Maths24 have all fallen prey to my attempts. Of these only Maths24 is complete thanks to prompting from an interested soul. Dot-Game and Mastermind are in a state resembling completion. At some stage all of them will be completed. Due to risks of copyright infringement these are not hosted, but if you would like to try the game, contact me and I will email you the install files.

Please note that, as with all PJF Programs, the packages may not be sold or distributed for profit but may be freely distributed in their original form. Please note as well that I take no responsibility for any damage done to your system as a result of installing a PJF Program.

The programs hosted on the PJF Shareware site are some of those that I have developed over the last 2 years. Other software that I have worked on include the CAL (Computer Aided Learning) suite used by the School of Chemistry, a XRD Analyser (for determining particle sizes of nanoparticles and checking the phases), electrochemistry software and various analytical suites for Mintek, but these cannot be hosted for various reasons.

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